This is a collection of analyses on brands and retailers that claim to be sustainable or promote sustainability. Please note that this section was not created to suggest you need to buy new or unaffordable clothes. The Green and Blue Journal recommends shopping less or shopping secondhand before purchasing new clothes.

Brands are ranked on a scale of 1-5 based on materials, production, wearability, inventory, and initiatives. Focusing on these five areas gives a good overview of a brand, but it does not touch on every step in clothing production. These analyses are put together using publicly available information, meaning brands that are less transparent regarding their operations will rank lower. Hours of research go into every analysis, but The Green and Blue Journal acknowledges that these reviews may not be comprehensive. Consumers are encouraged to do their own research before making judgments about any brand listed here.

Each analysis is marked with the date it was uploaded or last updated. Analyses will be reviewed and updated once a year to reflect the most accurate rankings. 

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