The Green and Blue Journal (GBJ) is the first B2B publication focusing solely on sustainable fashion. This growing sector of the fashion industry is constantly updating, so GBJ has created a dedicated space to keep up with the latest news. Through articles, interviews, newsletters, and deep-dive reports, sustainable fashion professionals can remain educated about their field while saving time and money.

Founder: Katherine Albertson

After discovering the sustainable fashion movement, I dove into educating myself on this exciting topic that combined my environmental studies and love of fashion. What I found was a mountain of unorganized information. I looked for a source that would keep me up-to-date and help me process the complicated and evolving sustainable fashion sector. Instead of finding that source, I created it. The Green and Blue Journal launched in 2020 and now reaches thousands of sustainable fashion professionals and enthusiasts. 

Also: Check out the Intro to Sustainable Fashion Guide for a comprehensive introduction to the topic in an easy-to-read PDF.