Is activism in the fashion industry good or bad?

On September 29th, a protester dressed in all black and holding a neon yellow sign saying, "We are all fashion victims" made an appearance on the catwalk during the Dior Spring 2021 fashion show. The activism group, Extinction Rebellion, later claimed responsibility for the stunt, although many audience members thought it was a planned part of the show at first. In the end, the "statement" made little impact with Teen Vogue calling the protest "unsurprising" and Antoine Arnault — the head of communications for LVMH — saying it was "kind of a nonevent." It was a nonevent because Extinction Rebellion, and other activist groups and individuals, have been protesting the fashion industry for decades. Some say that this activism is good and works — real fur has mostly been shunned from fashion, which could be linked to PETA-supported protests like the signs that called out model Gisele Bündchen in 2002. Others think that activism in fashion makes no impact now and could actually be counterproductive. So, is the current method of activism the best way to influence change in 2020 and beyond?

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