Is Vogue sustainable?

This year, the fashion industry came face-to-face with the reality that continuing with the status quo is no longer feasible. For the sake of the planet, people, and profit, substantial changes need to occur. Now the most influential fashion magazine is also, slowly, coming to the same conclusion as the rest of the industry; changes need to happen to be sustainable. Fashion magazines like Vogue — which currently has 26 international editions — have seen advertisers pull money and readers grow increasingly critical of content over the past couple of years. Designers and brand owners are starting to make their own rules in fashion, without the help of print publications and their big-name editors. And if being abandoned by once-loyal brands wasn't enough, notorious editors like Anna Wintour are being taken down a peg by their employees who have accused her of fostering an unhealthy work environment. If someone were to question Vogue’s sustainability as a leading fashion source ten years ago, they would have been laughed at, but now, it's not such an unreasonable question to be asking.

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