Madeleine Andersson from LAGOM Concept

Madeleine Andersson, who also goes by GreenFashionista, founded the LAGOM Concept, a sustainable e-commerce platform designed to give consumers better alternatives to everyday clothing. The platform acts as an online boutique, only sourcing from sustainable brands and catering to various styles. Madeleine is not just passionate about sustainable fashion, though. She is also a digital marketing entrepreneur and has her own sustainable marketing studio, Madeleine’s. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on everything from her greenwashing in fashion marketing to what inspired her switch from blogging to store curation.

GBJ: Marketing can occasionally lead to greenwashing when brands don’t do what they claim, do you think brands should be more cautious about using the term “sustainable”?

MA: I think honesty and transparency are key here. Brands should not put the word sustainable on everything if they can’t back it up as it will give the consumers the wrong impression and lead to loss of sales. But I also think that we, as consumers, need to be more understanding with brands today. It is impossible to be 100% sustainable because of the way our society is built. We need to understand that brands are trying their best and not shame them for trying. There is a big pressure on brands, which ends up being a negative effect instead of a good one. They are afraid to talk about their sustainability because they don’t feel good enough. Instead of making brands honest and transparent, we are shaming them for not being better, which does not result in more sustainable brands.

GBJ: In your opinion, what is the latest trend in sustainable fashion marketing? (Circularity, transparency, etc.)

MA: There are so many different trends in sustainability, from materials such as econyl, renting services to secondhand shopping. I think the biggest trend right now is that brands are starting to share their journey and values a lot more, we are seeing more and more transparency in the industry.

GBJ: What are your thoughts on fast fashion brands, like H&M, marketing themselves as “sustainable”?

MA: Going back to the first question again, I believe that they are trying and that they shouldn’t be shamed because of it. However, I feel that there’s a level of honesty and transparency that needs to be seen. The word sustainability is so difficult to use as it means so many different things for people. For sone, it means being as sustainable as you can; for others, it means that you have a sustainable element. In the end, fast fashion cannot be sustainable, as it causes mass production and a lot of waste, so unless we can make it circular, it [H&M] will never be an option that I would call sustainable.

GBJ: What inspired you to go from blogging to store curating with your new brand, The Lagom Concept?

MA: I saw a big gap in the market as I couldn’t find any cool sustainable brands, it took me hours to just find a good looking t-shirt, and I understood why people are not buying sustainable brands, because they are so hard to find! So I wanted to curate a place for trendy sustainable brands so people can stop spending hours finding a good looking t-shirt.

GBJ: What is your favorite sustainable brand at the moment?

MA: I must say that I am slightly biased, but it would be Cuida, a small Spanish brand that I’m also working with through my sustainable marketing agency The brand is built by two sisters with a passion for style and sustainability and I see great potential as it is both cool and conscious!