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As we near a full year of quarantine, mask-wearing, and working from home, our fashion sense seems to have gone stale. As Hobnob Journal wrote, “Quarantine Kills Fashion Enthusiasm.” To mix it up, The Green and Blue Journal is adding some fun recommendations to inspire your wardrobe. In addition to the standard brand analyses, the renamed Shopping Guides section will include suggested looks, feel-good outfits, and colorful lookbooks. To start, GBJ is sharing a recommended sustainable jewelry brand to add some sparkle to your leggings and sweats outfits.

All these products are from the NYC-based brand SiiZu.

LYS Butterfly Earrings

Speaking of sparkle, these earrings definitely deliver.

What makes them sustainable:

  • Made with gold plating instead of solid gold, these earrings require less mining and they last longer.

How to wear them:

  • These earrings are neutral enough to be worn with anything. Whether it’s a fancy green dress for a dressed up, matching look or an all black sweatsuit for something more quarantine appropriate, these earrings will work.

GAHO Bouquet Choker

The pearl necklace look is in right now and this is the perfect embodiment of it.

What makes it sustainable:

  • This necklace is made with a combination of freshwater pearls and glass beads. Freshwater pearls are more sustainable than saltwater pearls and glass beads avoid the process of pearl harvesting altogether.

How to wear it:

  • The GAHO choker actually comes in four different colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. Choose the color of your choice and wear it with matching or complimentary colors. The green version of this is the same shade as the green LYS Butterfly earrings.

EIR Wool Scarf

SiiZu doesn’t just do jewelry; it also has a good selection of clothing, including scarves and coats.

What makes it sustainable:

  • This scarf is made with Italian Merino Wool from a family owned company, Biella Yarn. The wool is bluesign certified, distinguishing its sustainable production.

How to wear it:

  • The double-sided colorway makes this scarf wearable for practically any occasion. Choose the red side for a bold look or pair it with other red accessories, like the pearl choker above. Choose the lighter side for a more neutral, toned-down style. The scarf also comes in tan and grey colors.

The Bottom Line:

SiiZu focuses on fun but versatile accessories that are important for a time like now when fashion is taking a more relaxed look. These pieces will be able to get you excited about going to work at your home office and still be stylish for when you can finally have a night out to dinner again.

What else makes SiiZu a recommended brand?

  • SiiZu is partnered with American Forest and donates to the conservation nonprofit to help it reach its goal of planting 2.7 million trees per year.

  • SiiZu has a Green Rewards program where customers earn 1 point for every dollar they spend. The points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, encouraging customers to continue to shop sustainably.

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