What are the most sustainable brands influencers can partner with?

As brands struggle to stay above water, marketing budgets have been reduced, and now influencers, in particular, are feeling the pressure. According to Launchmetrics, sponsored posts represented 35% of influencer content in February; that number fell to just 4% by April. So it's not surprising to see more content creators partnering with companies that they usually wouldn't. You may have even seen your favorite sustainable fashion Youtuber advertising for, gasp, a fast fashion company. In reality, it's not just the pandemic that has caused influencers to shift away from small sustainable brands and market for larger companies, in turn, receiving a bigger paycheck. More than a few consumers have seen influencers "sell out" as their followings have grown. It is understandable. Larger brands have more money to spend on influencer marketing, and most sustainable brands don't have the size to pay Instagramers thousands of dollars for a single post or send them on trips around the world, like fast fashion retailer Revolve. After working for years to build followings in the millions, of course content creators would want to make more money, even if that occasionally means abandoning their ethics.

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