What will the fashion show look like in the future?

Prior to COVID-19 becoming a major public health concern, traditional shows taiking place during Fashion Weeks, have been on the chopping block for years. According to a Fashionista survey, 36% of attendees felt tradition Fashion Week was “pointless” and 61% said they felt guilty about the environmental impact of the events. The waste and pollution associated with putting together an in person event and inviting hundreds of people from all over the world, has long been criticized by those concerned about the industry’s impact on the environment. Despite all the talk — and secretly, the hope — that traditional Fashion Weeks would be coming to an end, in the four major cities, New York City, Paris, London, and Milan, shows had prevailed with few alterations to make them more sustainable. That all changed starting February 23rd when Milan slowly started restricting movements, and by March 8th, an official region wide lockdown had gone into place. By that point most attendees at Milan Fashion Week had traveled to Paris for the next round of shows. (Milan Fashion Week (MFW) was Feb 18-24 and Paris Fashion Week (PFW) was Feb 24 to March 3).

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