Which is more sustainable — real fur or faux fur?

The use of real fur in fashion has long been recognized as unethical, especially when the fur comes from animals who are bred in small cages, tortured, or skinned alive. Animal rights groups and activists have been pushing for an end to the use of real fur in fashion for decades, and it seems to be making a difference finally. Over the past couple of years, major fashion houses like Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, and DVF have announced they are going “fur-free”, opting to use faux (fake) fur instead. Unfortunately, what is ethical in fashion does not always match what is best for the environment. One of the biggest pro-fur arguments is that real fur is a natural material and will, therefore, biodegrade better than synthetic materials like polyester — the most common plastic used for faux furs. This stance has raised an interesting question, which is more environmentally sustainable: real fur or faux fur?

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